The 5 Best LinkedIn Data Scrapers To Use In 2024

The 5 Best LinkedIn Data Scrapers

I understand that LinkedIn data scraping tools can simplify the process of collecting information from LinkedIn profiles, making it much easier and less time-consuming than doing it manually. Therefore, using a LinkedIn scraper is a more efficient option to consider.


LinkedIn Scraper Price (starts at) Free Trial
B2bleadbuilder $34/Month 15-day, 2.5k leads/day
Skrapp $49 No
Phantombuster $69 No
GetProspect $49 No
BrightData $500 No


By using particular tools, it is possible to extract significant information from LinkedIn profiles. This information includes contact information, job titles, and company details, among other things.

Best LinkedIn Data Scrapers
Automation Tools

What Is a LinkedIn Data Scraper?

A LinkedIn data scraper is a software tool that is used to extract data from LinkedIn profiles and pages.

It automates the process of collecting data such as job titles, company names, locations, and other relevant details from LinkedIn pages.

Best LinkedIn data scraping tools:

1. B2bleadbuilder
2. Skrapp:
3. Phantombuster
4. GetProspect
5. Brightdata

1. B2bleadbuilder :

Generate Leads 10x Faster with our LinkedIn Sales Navigator-powered solution, revolutionizing lead extraction for maximum productivity. Say goodbye to manual lead scraping!
Large-scale data scraping for personal or company use at a very low cost.
Works on both LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.
Customized packages are available upon request.
Extract 10k Leads/Day.
Import of prospects via CSV
Chrome extensions
Work on LinkedIn & Sales Navigator
Offer personalized package as request

Free Plan:

15-Day Free Trial as requested Extract 2500 Leads/Day.

2. Skrapp

Skrapp is a tool designed to help professionals find verified email addresses for email marketing and outreach campaigns. It uses public data to reduce the time spent on email research.

1000 emails /month: $49
5000 emails /month: $99
20 000 emails /month: $199
50,000 emails /month: $299

3. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is a versatile scraping platform that caters to a wide range of LinkedIn use cases. Their pricing structure is based on the number of hours you run their scraper each month, the number of AI credits you require, and the number of scrapers (phantoms) you utilize.

Stater: $69
Pro: $159
Team: $439

4. GetProspect

GetProspect is a lead generation tool that provides a Chrome extension, allowing users to extract emails and profiles from LinkedIn in bulk. With a database of over 200 million B2B contacts, it enables users to quickly gather a large number of business email addresses, freeing up time to create compelling outreach content.

1,000 emails /month: $49
5,000 emails /month: $99
20,000 emails /month: $199
50,000 emails /month: $399


BrightData (formerly known as Luminati) is a leading web data platform that helps businesses obtain structured data from websites. The platform offers award-winning proxy networks, powerful web scrapers, and ready-to-use datasets that can be downloaded. Bright Data has three main product categories, namely, datasets, scraping solutions, and proxy networks. It caters to various use cases such as eCommerce, social media, SERP & SEO, Ad Tech, and market research.

For specific needs Pay as you go: $20 /G

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