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Generate Leads 10x Faster with our LinkedIn Sales Navigator-powered solution, revolutionizing lead extraction for maximum productivity. Say goodbye to manual lead searching!

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"B2BLeadBuilder: A new era of lead generation"

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  • Data automation software for ambitious ops teams
  • Grow your business with web data automation
  • Build lead lists in seconds. Not hours.
  • Pay less. Earn more.
  • Increase productivity by reducing hours spent looking for leads
  • Quickly gather and enrich profiles for thousands of targeted LinkedIn leads.
  • Generate email lists directly from LinkedIn for seamless outreach and marketing.

Generate 2500 leads in 10 minutes with Sales Navigator.

B2b Lead Builder

Generating Leads From LinkedeIn & Sales Navigator

Chrome Extension

Easy 1-click Sales Navigator scraping with our Chrome extension that operates in the cloud.

100% Cloud Based

Run a scrape, close b2bleadbuilder, we will download csv when it’s done.

Unlimited Results

Scrape unlimited results at once in 1 click.

CSV Export

Export your scraped data in CSV format ready for processing or syncing to your sales stack.

Email Finder

Acquire a large number of professional email addresses from LinkedIn and promptly initiate your email outreach campaign.

Build lead lists

LinkedIn data extraction: Enrich over 40 data points per contact, unlocking valuable information for your business needs.


Automate lead generation, boost ROI, and increase sales quickly with streamlined processes.

Cost-effective solution

Cost-effective B2B email finder and data extraction tool for streamlined lead generation and marketing.

Are you ready to increase your growth by 10x?

Setup your account in just a few seconds that too free. B2B lead builder will not ask you for your credit card details. Additionally, We do not bound you with any limitations; you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

Global Data For All Segments


1Cr+ email search


80% success rate


1M+ prospects data


100+ businesses

LinkedIn Scraper Use Cases

Scrape LinkedIn public data for lead generation & CRM enrichment

Use our LinkedIn data extractor to locate & keep track of top talent

Scrape LinkedIn public data for insights on the skills, education

Scrape LinkedIn profile data to track company history and growth

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No credit card required. Free plan.

Pricing Plans.

We have designed our subscription plans that do not drain your finances and get more data. We provide the lowest subscription plan in the market and deliver more quality and quantity in the same. You can easily increase, decrease or cancel the usage as per your business needs.

Free Plan

$0per month

  • 15 Day Free Trial
  • Extract 2500 Leads/Day.
  • Import of prospects via CSV
  • Database lead search
  • Multiple page export
  • Chrome extensions
  • Work on LinkedIn & Sales Navigator
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