How to Use the B2BLeadBuilder Chrome Extension

Step 1: Installation

Start by installing the B2BLeadBuilder Chrome extension. You can do this by searching for "" and selecting Install B2BLeadBuilder.

Step 2: Account Registration

Visit the B2BLeadBuilder website at Complete the registration process to create your B2BLeadBuilder account.

Step 3: Accessing LinkedIn or Sales Navigator

Log in to your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator account.

Step 4: Search for Prospects

Conduct your desired search on the LinkedIn or Sales Navigator platform to find potential leads or contacts.

Step 5: Activating B2BLeadBuilder

While viewing the search results on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, keep an eye on the top-right section of the page. Look for the B2BLeadBuilder icon, which will appear as a rounded circle.

Step 6: Logging into B2BLeadBuilder

Click on the B2BLeadBuilder icon to activate the extension. Log in using your B2BLeadBuilder account credentials.

Step 7: Data Extraction

With B2BLeadBuilder active, you can start scraping and harvesting data according to your specific requirements. Utilize pagination to access more results if needed.

Step 8: Enjoy the Benefits

You're all set! Now, you can efficiently extract valuable data from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator as per your needs. Enjoy the convenience and productivity boost provided by B2BLeadBuilder. Thank you for choosing B2BLeadBuilder for your email finding needs!

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