Nokia X30 and XR21 Receive October Security Patch

Nokia Mobile has rolled out the much-anticipated October security update for its Nokia X30 and XR21 smartphones. This latest patch aims to enhance the security and performance of these devices. Additionally, the update has also been made available for the Nokia G50 and Nokia X10 models. Let’s delve into the details of these updates and what users can expect.

Update Details

  1. Nokia X30:
    • Size: 98.42 MB
    • Availability: Global
  2. Nokia XR21:
    • Size: 79.09 MB
    • Availability: Global
  3. Nokia G50:
    • Size: 101 MB
    • Availability: Global

Notably, the Nokia G50 received a substantial update, ensuring robust security measures and optimal performance for its users.

User Experiences

Upon inspecting the update, users of the Nokia G21 were pleasantly surprised to find a September security patch waiting for them. This patch, though relatively smaller at 17.96 MB, demonstrated Nokia’s commitment to maintaining the security of even its older models. It’s worth noting that the installation process for the G21 was a tad time-consuming, emphasizing the phone’s moderate processing capabilities.


The release of the October security patch for Nokia’s X30 and XR21 models signifies the company’s dedication to providing its users with the latest security features. With updates being made available globally, users can promptly enhance the security and performance of their devices. For those using older models like the G21, Nokia’s commitment to their security is evident through the release of smaller yet significant updates.

Stay tuned for further updates and improvements from Nokia Mobile as they continue to prioritize the security and performance of their smartphones.


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